Workshop – Unveiling quantum computation: a hands-on tutorial on quantum computing applications

De Volksbank

The financial industry is constantly searching for new technologies that can leverage higher performances and profits. For instance, the progress in the fields of data science and artificial intelligence is an example of how financial services have been and are currently benefiting of new technologies to explore business models and markets which could previously not even be imagined.

Quantum Computing is presently being investigated by several big players in the financial industry to be ready for the moment in which the quantum computers will be available for large scale applications. Portfolio optimization, Monte Carlo simulations and pricing derivatives are only few of the many applications for which a quantum computer will outperform even the fastest supercomputers in the financial industry.

This workshop aims to introduce the basic concepts of quantum computation, the two main computational model paradigms, gate model vs quantum annealing, and show the implementation of a practical use case of binary optimization to inspire possible applications to Finance.

Quantum computation