Anilkumar Panda

Senior Data Scientist at ING

Senior data scientist in RPAA, with 5+ year experience of working with data & machine learning in the Dutch banking environment. I have background in Information Technology. I am interested in ML fairness and explainability.

My Sessions

Solving a cold start problem for NLP with active learning


One of the challenges with creating a supervised machine learning system is the availability of good quality labelled data. When labelled data is not available, we can use human domain knowledge to create labelled data in an efficient manner using Active Learning and use that to train a ML model. ARIA, is an internal early […]

Natural Language Processing

Towards operationalized fairness in ML – fairness definition decision tree & general mitigation approach


We are introducing the ongoing track at ING of operationalizing the application of fairness in ML within various business domains that a bank deals with. This track itself is positioned within the ‘ethics guidelines’ that are also in the process of being created within ING. The current challenges identified are: • Choosing the right fairness […]

Responsible AI