Corneel Braber

Senior Data Scientist at bol.com

Corneel Braber is a Senior Data Scientist in the Risk & Fraud Management department at bol.com, the largest e-commerce platform of the Benelux. After finishing her MSc. in Finance at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, she started her career at ABN AMRO bank. Following up on her keen interest in data, she decided to change her career and got enrolled in the MSc. Data Science at King’s College in London. After completion with distinction she joined a crypto currency gaming start-up in London. In the Netherlands she progressed her career at bol.com.

My Sessions

Keynote – Fraud detection (bol.com)


Bol.com was founded in the Netherlands in 1999 from a construction site in Vianen. We were the first online bookstore in Europe. More than 20 years later, we are the largest online retail platform in the Benelux and we have expanded our range of books to millions of products in dozens of product categories, with […]