Daniel Vale

Legal Counsel | PhD Candidate at eLaw Center Leiden University | Co-founder at FBPML.org

Daniel Vale is an external PhD candidate at the eLaw Center, Leiden University. His PhD is on the legal and commercial issues surrounding the use of machine learning in the finance and banking sectors, particularly from a MLOps perspective. Daniel is due to commence the role as Lead Legal Counsel for AI & Data Sciences at the H&M Group in Stockholm, Sweden, in late spring 2021. He is currently the Vice-Chairperson of the Foundation for Best Practices in Machine Learning; and Director of Law & Digital Technologies at the American intelligence think-tank, the Global TechnoPolitics Forum. Having worked at corporate law firms and as a consultant, Daniel has practical legal and commercial experience in the fields of data protection, algorithmic automation, and digital governance.

My Sessions

The foundation for best practices in machine learning


Although the organisational promise and value of Machine Learning is great, a myriad of pitfalls currently accompany this modern practice of data science. The acknowledged operational, ethical, legal and governance risks have generated a need for a clear and thoughtful repository of best practices on how to responsibly govern, manage and implement Machine Learning (‚Äúresponsible […]

Organizing data science