Jeroen Franse

Senior ML Engineer at ABN AMRO | Co-founder at FBPML.org

Jeroen Franse is a Senior ML Engineer at ABN AMRO with a focus on MLOps and responsible Data Science. He is also currently the Chairperson of the Foundation for Best Practices in Machine Learning. After having obtained his PhD in astrophysics, he has worked as a Data Science consultant on many different topics for clients like KLM and KVK before joining ABN AMRO last year.

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The foundation for best practices in machine learning


Although the organisational promise and value of Machine Learning is great, a myriad of pitfalls currently accompany this modern practice of data science. The acknowledged operational, ethical, legal and governance risks have generated a need for a clear and thoughtful repository of best practices on how to responsibly govern, manage and implement Machine Learning (‚Äúresponsible […]

Organizing data science