Joris de Wind

Lead Data Scientist at ABN AMRO

Joris is the Lead Data Scientist of the ABN Amro Operations Data Science team. He has an academic background in econometrics and industry experience in finance and macroeconomics. He started his career at De Nederlandsche Bank, while pursuing a PhD at the University of Amsterdam, after which he moved to CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis, building models and algorithms to forecast the economy. Prior to ABN AMRO he was senior data scientist at ING Netherlands. Joris is specialized in time series analysis, natural language processing and the operationalisation of data science models, currently working on e-mail routing and information retrieval. Joris has a passion for teaching and automating things.

My Sessions

How to develop your own custom scikit-learn components that are fully compatible with sklearn pipelines


Scikit-learn is like the Swiss Army Knife of data science and API consistency is key to its success. Amongst a massive amount of components, it provides an easy to use pipeline object which is very useful in organizing your machine learning pipelines incl. also model selection and grid search. Despite the great variety of sklearn […]

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