Louis de Bruijn

Analytics Trainee Customer Dialogue Analytics at ING

Louis de Bruijn is a 27-year old data-scientist and Python enthusiast with a background in computational linguistics from the University of Groningen. During his first six-month rotation as an ING analytics trainee, he works in Customer Dialogue Analytics, responsible for customer interaction via conversational agents. Previous to his current role, he was part of a data-science start-up at Ortec Finance. He enjoys Natural Language Processing, Python web development, and occasionally blogs on Medium.

My Sessions

ConNER: A named entity recognition framework for privacy in conversational data


Masking sensitive and identifiable information is an absolute necessary while working with conversational data and It requires accurate detection of named entities that have to be masked. However, pre-trained NER models trained on general domain data do not perform equally well for conversational agents that work in specific domains. Another problem with such general NER […]

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