Marie Beth van Egmond

Scientist at TNO

Marie Beth van Egmond is a researcher at TNO, the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research. She got her master’s degree in mathematics at the University of Amsterdam. At the department of Cyber Security & Robustness of TNO she is now researching the implementation of privacy-preserving analytics in many different domains, from health care to finance.  In several research projects she has worked together with Dutch banks on how they can securely collaborate to detect financial crime.

My Sessions

Keynote – Privacy-preserving analytics for secure collaborative detection of financial crime (TNO)


In the fight against financial crime, collaboration between banks is key. At the same time, protection of customer privacy is more important than ever. Banks are looking for ways to balance between privacy and value in their detection techniques. Privacy-enhancing cryptographic techniques, which lately have been moving from academics to real-world applications, can help maintaining […]