Maryam Miradi

Lead Data Scientist at ABN AMRO

Maryam Miradi is Lead data scientist with a PhD in AI-Machine Learning and Deep Learning from TU Delft with 15+ years of experience in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. She is a Lead Data Scientist within ABN AMRO DFC for the last 1.5 year. She and her team work on AI Assist which applies Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning to improve review process of DFC KYC. She is a hands-on data scientist and executed 40+ projects and contributed millions of euros of added value to different companies. She has worked extensively in the following fields: Energy networks (Alliander, Stedin), Retail/ E-Commerce (Ahold Delhaize), Road and Transport (Rijkswaterstaat), Government (de Belastingdienst), Finance (EQuens), Public transport (Connexxion) and Publishing houses (Sanoma). Her goal is to bring innovation with AI, adding a great deal of value, explaining complex subjects in a simple way and having a ‘can-do’ mentality when facing challenges.

My Sessions

A journey towards KYC 2.0 – Empowering analysts with computer vision and NLP


A proper KYC process is an important requirement for any financial institution to understand customer behaviours, assess and monitor illegal activities. In the first part of this presentation, we will describe the current status of the KYC topics at ABN AMRO, the application of machine learning to improve the existing bottlenecks, and the challenges we […]

Know Your Customer