Maurits Metman

Data Scientist at de Volksbank

Maurits Metman obtained his PhD in geophysics at the University of Leeds in 2019, over the course of which he specialised in geomagnetic modelling. His work on predictive modelling contributed to the present-day state of the International Geomagnetic Reference Field, a geomagnetic model used within various industry applications.

Currently, Maurits is a data scientist at de Volksbank within its Electronic Channel Security department, where he focuses on the detection of transactional fraud through mathematical modelling and machine learning applications. While passionate about all things mathematical, he also enjoys long-distance running and Indonesian cuisine.

My Sessions

Optimising constrained rule-based fraud detection through projected gradient descent

De Volksbank

Screening a large number of transactions for fraudulent behaviour within a limited time frame often necessitates the use of computationally efficient third-party software. In addition to their processing efficiency, such applications may be offered in the form of no-code or low-code platforms, allowing non-developers to add or modify fraud prevention measures in an intuitive manner. […]

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