Ramon van den Akker

Data Scientist at de Volksbank

Ramon is a Data Scientist and Modelling Specialist at de Volksbank.  He enjoys finding pragmatic, but theoretically sound and robust quantitative solutions to business and risk management problems.  As the broad adoption of data science techniques, outside of the traditional finance & risk modelling applications, is relatively new and these models often also interact with users or customers, new forms of risk might arise.  As such, Ramon is very interested in governance frameworks for data science and technologies that try to mitigate such risks by design. He also works parttime, as an associate professor, at the department of Econometrics & OR of Tilburg University (TiU).  On behalf of TiU, Ramon has taught courses on data science, statistics, and quantitative finance at the Actuarial Institute, JADS, Tias business school, and Tilburg University.

My Sessions