Violeta Misheva

Data Scientist at ABN AMRO

Violeta has been working as a data scientist at ABN Amro bank for the past few years. Before that she worked in consulting, which marked the start of her data science career. Violeta developed an interest for data and algorithms during her PhD studies, and that passion has only grown over time. She is especially passionate about responsible machine learning, especially topics such as explainability and fairness of algorithms. She also enjoys sharing her knowledge with others and regularly gives workshops and presentations on data science topics; she is the author of the course ‘XAI’ on Udemy and of ‘Sentiment Analysis with Python’ on the DataCamp platform.

My Sessions

Panel Discussion – “Responsible AI”


There is a growing need for Artificial intelligence that can be understood and explained. There are several key problems related to Artificial intelligence that AI practitioners still have to create awareness for. Some topics that will be discussed: How to identify these problems and help people understand how to act upon them How to ensure […]


Workshop – Hands-on explainable ML/AI


This workshop will focus on defining explainability, placing it within the ML development cycle and will help attendees select between XAI approaches. The second part of the workshop will demonstrate how to apply (some of) these methods in Python.

Responsible AI