Wouter Eijlander

Data Scientist at de Volksbank

Wouter Eijlander is a Data Scientist at De Volksbank’s Electronic Channel Security team, which provides real-time fraud detection and prevention. His current work revolves around applying Artificial Intelligence to improve fraud prevention for digital transaction systems. Furthermore, he works on optimising the currently existing (non-AI) systems. Previously, his academic pursuits focused on AI in embodied robotics, and modeling abnormalities in human motor control to better understand developmental issues.

My Sessions

Optimising constrained rule-based fraud detection through projected gradient descent

De Volksbank

Screening a large number of transactions for fraudulent behaviour within a limited time frame often necessitates the use of computationally efficient third-party software. In addition to their processing efficiency, such applications may be offered in the form of no-code or low-code platforms, allowing non-developers to add or modify fraud prevention measures in an intuitive manner. […]

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